Dutch rabbinical scholar; father of Moses Frank, furter; born at Schwerin, Germany; died at Amsterdam Dec. 9, 1712. He was the author of a work in two parts, containing the rites and prayers for the use of the sick and the mourning, the first part in Hebrew under the title "Dine Semaḥot," the second in Judæo-German with the title "Alle Dinim von Freuden" (Amsterdam, 1703). It was republished by Moses Frankfurter under the title of "Sefer ha-Ḥayyim" (ib. 1716). C. Rehfuss of Heidelberg published it with a German translation (Frankfort-on-the-Main, 1834), and Benjamin H. Ascher of London translated it into English under the title of "The Book of Life" (London, 1847).

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