German poet and author; born at Frankfort-on-the-Main Oct. 26, 1845. Brought up as a goldsmith, he renounced that occupation and studied at the universities of Heidelberg and Zurich (Ph.D. 1870). Friedmann resided in Vienna until 1886, when he moved to Berlin. His works include: "Savilia" (1873); "Aus Hellas" (songs, 1874); "Merlin-Orpheus" (songs, 1874); "Biblische Sterne" (three idyls, 1875); "Die Feuerprobe der Liebe Angioletta" (3d ed., 1879); "Leichtsinnige Lieder" (1878); "Gedichte" (1882); "Lieder des Herzens" (1888). Besides these lyrical productions Friedmann wrote the drama "Don Juan's Letztes Liebesabenteuer" (1891), and numerous novels, among which are: "Zwei Ehen" (3d ed., 1880; this has been translated into Italian); "Schnell Reich" (1891); "Die Heckenrose" (1893); "Die Danaiden" (1893); "Der Todesring," "Falsche Freundschaft," "Der Letzte Schuss," and "Russische Rache" (all four published in Reclam's "Universalbibliothek").

  • Meyers Konversations-Lexikon.
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