ABSALOM ('Αψάλωμος):

By: M. Brann

One of the five sons of John Hyrcanus, who was thrown into prison withhis mother and two of his brothers when Judas Aristobulus ascended the Hasmonean throne (105 B.C.). However, after a year's suffering, the king's death released him. His brother, Alexander Jannæus, then assumed the royal dignity, and caused the execution of another brother, who had aimed at the crown, while Absalom, who preferred the life of a subject, he covered with honors. Nothing more is known concerning Absalom's career, except that he outlived all his brothers, and was taken prisoner by Pompey when he captured Jerusalem in 63 B.C. Through his daughter, who married his nephew Aristobulus II., Absalom became the great-grandfather of Mariamne, the wife of Herod the Great.

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M. Br.
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