Austrian journalist; born in Leipnik, near Biala, Galicia, Sept. 25, 1849. He has been active most of his life in journalism as a feuilletonist and dramatic editor, beginning on "Die Bombe" (in which his translations from the Italian were especially noticed), and joining in turn the staffs of "Das Illustrirte Wiener Extrablatt" (during his engagement on which he was also coeditor of "Der Junge Kikeriki"), "Die Vorstadt Zeitung," and "Das Wiener Tagblatt." For some time he was a regular contributor to the "Montags Revue." He has published for the stage (with Bauer and Zell): "Die Wienerstadt in Wort und Bild"; "Der Bleiche Zauberer" (music by Ziehrer); "Auf der Zweiten Galerie des Fürst-Theaters"; "Die Kopirschule" (2d ed.; Vienna, 1890); "Lieder und Romanzen" (Vienna and Leipsic, from Mascagni); and many humorous and sarcastic topical verses.

  • Eisenberg, Das Geistige, Wien, i. 139-140.
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