Chartographer; born on the island of Majorca; lived there as "Capitan" or "Cavallero Mallorquin" as late as 1650. On Oct. 1 of that year he wrote a Latin epigram of eight lines to Vicente Mut's "Historia del Reyno de Mallorca." Fullana went to Brussels, where he entered the Dutch army as colonel, subsequently fighting against France. At Amsterdam he openly espoused Judaism, taking the name of "Daniel Judah." After the death of his wife, Johanna, he married Isabella Correa. According to the testimony of Thomas de Pinedo, "litteris et astrologia eruditus," Fullana was cosmographer to His Catholic Majesty in 1680 and had written excellent cosmographical works. He edited Blaew's "Atlas del Mundo," to which he also contributed. Fullana eulogized the "Coro de las Musas" of his friend D. L. de Barrios in a poem, and a drama of Joseph Penso in a Portuguese and Latin poem.

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