Rabbi and corrector of the press at Venice at the end of the sixteenth and the beginning of the seventeenth century. He was born in Safed, to which place he returned some time after 1625. According to Conforte, he corrected all the Hebrew books printed in Venice while he was there. His name is found on a large number of works printed between the years 1587 and 1615. He edited "Ḳol Bokim," comments on Lamentations, Venice, 1589; David B. Hin's "Liḳḳuṭe Shoshannin," comments on Joshua, Venice, 1602; and "Mashbit Milḥamot," a collection of decisions on the ritual bath, Venice, 1606, to which he added a preface. He seems to have been the author of some comments on the Pentateuch. Further writings of his are to be found in "Hadrat Kodesh," edited by Isaac b. Jacob, Venice, 1600, and in the responsa of YomṬob Ẓahalon (Azulai, "Shem ha-Gedolim," i. 15b). He is not to be confounded with Isaac b. Mordecai Gershon (Nepi-Ghirondi, "Toledot Gedole Yisrael," p. 145) nor with Isaac b. Gershon Treves (Conforte, "Ḳore ha-Dorot," p. 48).

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