German Protestant missionary; born at Fraustadt, April 5, 1818; died at Stuttgart in 1893. A convert to Christianity, in 1848 he entered the service of the British Society for the Propagation of the Gospel Among the Jews, with which he was connected until the end of his life. He was for many years minister of the English church at Cannstadt, near Stuttgart, and then minister of the Diakonissenhaus in Stuttgart. As a missionary he was very successful. Some of those whom he instructed and baptized at Nuremberg, Cannstadt, and Stuttgart have become ministers of the gospel or missionaries among the Jews. He published "Blätter für die Evangelische Mission Unter Israel," 1850-58; "Der Messias, Israels Hoffnung und Aller Völker Verlangen," 1863 (translated into English); "Mischan Lechem, Lebensbrot für Gottes Volk aus Gottes Wort" (Hebrew and German), 1871; (Yiddish and German), 1873; "Die Arbeit an den Einzelnen," in "Nathanael," 1891, No. 6. He was a brother of Rabbi Gustav Gottheil.

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