German rabbi; born at Frankfort-on-the-Oder about 1640; died at Jerusalem after 1701. In 1675 he was rabbi of his native town, and in 1687 became rabbi of Kremsir, in Moravia, where in 1694, with David Oppenheim as associate rabbi, he organized the district rabbinate. In 1696 he resigned the rabbinate of-Kremsir, and started toward Jerusalem by way of Nikolsburg and Vienna. At Vienna he spent a short time at the house of Samson Wertheimer. Leaving Vienna, he spent two years at Venice before reaching Jerusalem. He wrote: "Arba' Ḥarashim," cabalistic discourses and comments on the earlier Prophets, Frankfort-on-the Oder, 1680; "Sheloshah Sarigim," comments on the Hafṭarot, Venice, 1701.

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K. B. Fr.
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