Russian writer; born at Vassilkof April 9, 1858. After having completed his studies at the University of Odessa he went (1880) to Paris, where he has since resided. The French secretaries of state and of commerce have on several occasions drawn upon his knowledge of French and Russian affairs, and entrusted him with important commissions, which he has very successfully fulfilled. Since 1883 he has been editor of the "Franco-Russe," a Parisian publication printed in both French and Russian. In 1883-85 he was secretary of the "Médecine Populaire," "Science Populaire," and "Science Pour Tous."

Halperine-Kaminsky has translated into French the works of many of the important Russian authors, such as Pushkin, Gogol, Tolstoi, Turgenef, Dostojevski, Nekrassov, Boborykin, and Stchedrin; he is also a regular contributor to the foremost French and Russian journals.

Among his works are the following: "Les Mammifères Ovipares" (1885); "Pushkin et Sa Correspondance" (1887); "Le Grand-Duc Constantin, Poète" (1892); "Chez Tolstoi" (1898-1900).

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