Aulic councilor to the King of Denmark; born at Copenhagen Nov. 2, 1780; died in London Oct. 3, 1848. He began hiscareer with a Hamburg firm, afterward, however, devoting himself, as general agent, to the development of his father's business. In this he was successful, establishing a branch in London, and extending his transactions throughout the northern countries of Europe. Hambro became an aulic councilor and Knight of the Dannebrog, and as early as 1820 "Hofraad Hambro" was spoken of as "the richest man in Copenhagen." Toward the end of his life his health broke down, and he lived for a time in Italy. He married a Christian, and had his son baptized. In 1831 with his entire family he took up his permanent abode in London. He did not identify himself very closely with the affairs of his congregation. He remained, however, a member of the synagogue to the last, and was buried in the cemetery of the Great Synagogue.

  • Jewish Chronicle, April 24, 1891.
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