Tanna of the second century. Hananiah is remembered for a feat he accomplished in the interest of traditional law. While Akiba was in prison, awaiting his doom at the court of Tyrannus Rufus, an important marital question was debated in the academy, but without a decision being reached. Hananiah thereforeventured to approach Akiba's prison and to solicit from the master a ruling. This he obtained and brought to his colleagues (Giṭ. vi.7; see Rashi ad loc.). In connection with this question the names of Meïr and Jose are cited with that of Hananiah (Giṭ. 67a); this places Hananiah with Akiba's younger pupils, about 139-165 C.E. He is reported to have testified before (Simon b.) Gamaliel concerning the rule governing intercalations enacted in Galilee (Tosef., Sanh. ii. 13; comp. Yer. Sanh. i. 18d et seq.).

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