Palestinian haggadist of the third and fourth centuries. His teachings are confined to the midrashic literature. It is suggested that he may have been the brother of the better-known amora Simon b. Pazzi; but if so, he never cites that brother. Among the comparatively few sayings known to be his is the following: "To the office of designer of the Tabernacle God appointed Bezaleel and Aholiab [Ex. xxxi. 2, 6]—the first being a member of Judah, the largest of the tribes; the second, of Dan, the smallest of the tribes—that people may learn not to slight the small, and that the greater should not be proud; great and small are alike before God" (Ex. R. xl. 4; Tan., Ki Tissa, 13). Speaking of the early motherhood of Hagar (Gen. xvi. 4) and of Lot's daughters (ib. xix. 23 et seq.), and comparing them with the long barrenness of Sarah, Ḥanina says, "Weeds require neither hoeing nor sowing; they spring up of themselves, and grow and thrive; while to produce wheat, how much trouble and anxiety must be endured!" (Gen. R. xlv. 4).

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