Palestinian haggadist of the fourth century; a contemporary of Joshua of Siknin. He has left no original haggadot. In the few instances in which his name appears in the midrashim, it is joined with that of Joshua, the two haggadists reporting interpretations of their predecessors, Johanan and Levi (Tan., Ki Teẓe, 9: "Shakla"; ib., ed. Buber, p. 10; Pesiḳ. iii. 25b; Esther R. ii. 2; Midr. Shemuel xiv.: "Hania b. Shalda"). He is probably identical with the Salcha mentioned in Deut. x. 3, or with the Seleucia of Josephus ("B. J." iv. i. § 1; see Neubauer, "G. T." p. 271; Hastings, "Dict. Bible," iv. s.v. "Salecah").

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