German physician; born at Ratibor, Silesia, July 22, 1839; died at Berlin May 26, 1903. He received his education in the Jewish school and in the gymnasium of his native town, and also at the universities of Breslau and Berlin. He received his degree as doctor of medicine from the latter university in 1866. Having served half a year as volunteer in the Kaiser Alexander Regiment in Berlin, he took part as assistant surgeon in the war with Denmark in 1864 and in the Austro-Prussian war in 1866, and as captain-surgeon in the Franco-Prussian war in 1870-71. During this last campaign he was wounded before Metz. For his military services he received the war medals of 1864, 1866, and 1870-71, the "Düppler Sturmkreuz," and the Iron Cross. After his graduation Haussmann practised gynecology in Berlin. From 1867 to 1870 he was prosector at the gynecological hospital of the Berlin University.

Haussmann was a prolific writer. He contributed about sixty essays to the various medical journals, among which may be mentioned: Virchow's "Archiv für Pathologische Anatomie und Physiologie und für Klinische Medizin"; "Berliner Klinische Wochenschrift"; "Deutsche Medizinische Wochenschrift"; "Monatsschrift für Geburtskunde"; "Archiv für Gynäkologie"; "Zeitschrift für Geburtshilfe"; and "Centralblatt für Gynäkologie." These essays treat especially of the origin, prophylaxis, and treatment of the infection and diseases of the embryo during nativity. Haussmann was likewise the author of: "Die Parasiten der Weiblichen Sexualorgane," Berlin, 1870, translated into French by P. E. Walther, Paris, 1875; "Die Lehre von der Decidua Menstrualis," Berlin, 1872; "Die Parasiten der Brustdrüse," ib. 1874; "Ueber die Entstehung der Uebertragbaren Krankheiten des Wochenbettes," ib. 1875; "Ueber das Verhalten der Spermatozoiden in den Sexualorganen des Weibes," ib. 1879; "Die Bindehautinfectionen der Neugeborenen," Stuttgart, 1882.

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