Hungarian dermatologist; born in Szt. Gál, Hungary, Feb. 14, 1854; studied in Veszprim, Budapest, and Vienna, taking his degree as doctor of medicine in 1880. After a postgraduate course abroad, he returned to Budapest (1883), and was made chief of the department for skin and venereal diseases in the university hospital. In 1884 he became privat-docent; in 1902, assistant professor. His chief works are: "Malleus Humidus"; "Lupus Vulgaris"; "Sarcoma Idiopathicum Multiplicatum Pigmentis Cutis"; "Mycotis Fungoides"; "Lichen Ruber Acuminatus." He has published several essays in Hungarian and German medical journals.

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  • Pesti Alfred, Magyarország Orvosainak Evkönyve, 1895.
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