French author; born in Paris July 24, 1845; died there 1889; son of Simon Hayem. Hayem forsook commerce for literature and politics. In the last years of the empire he openly advocated Republican doctrines, and in 1871 was elected "conseiller général" for the canton of Montmorency. He was an unsuccessful candidate at the elections of Feb., 1876 and 1881. Hayem was an adherent to the doctrines of Proudhon, and published several political brochures. He was also the author of: "Le Mariage," 1872 (2d ed., 1876); "Le Collier," 1881; "L'Etre Social," 1881; "La Science, l'Homme au XIXeme Siècle," 1885; "Le Don Juanisme," 1886; "Don Juan d'Armana," 1886; "Vérités et Apparences," 1891.

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