German actor; born at Bischofsburg, East Prussia, Sept. 15, 1842. After graduating from the Friedrich-Wilhelm gymnasium, Berlin, he went on the stage, making his début in Breslau in 1864. After a short stay at Flensburg he acted in Königsberg (1865-67), Würzburg(1867-69), Breslau (1869-71), Vienna (1872-74), and Breslau (1874-78). Since 1878 he has been engaged at the Court Theater at Brunswick.

Heinemann plays principally serious and comic character rôles, e.g., Malvolio, Zettel, Vansen, Thimoteus Bloom, Bolzau, Der Geizige, and Der Eingebildete Kranke. He has also been very successful as a play-wright, more than thirty plays having been written by him. Among these are: "Der Schriftstellertag"; "Herr und Frau Doktor"; "Auf Glatter Bahn"; "Die Zeisige"; "Das Tägliche Brot"; "Die Letzte Lüge"; and "Echo."

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