Tosafist, apparently of the beginning of the thirteenth century. He is quoted by Mordecai b. Hillel (M. Ḳ No. 504), who adds that Isaac b. Asher died a martyr The same passage is also found in "Haggahot Maimuniyyot" ("Semaḥot," No. 78), where it is simply said that he was killed. He is also quoted in "Da'at Zeḳenim" (to Ex. vii. 25), where it is said that he was born on the same day that the tosafist Isaac b. Asher ha-Levi died. This statement makes Zunz suppose ("Z. G." p. 32) that Isaac b. Asher II. was the latter's grandson. Zunz also says that Isaac b. Asher II. was killed at Würzburg, which is against probability.

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