Town in Aragon, Spain, 62 miles to the northeast of Teruel. Here were printed by Eliezer Alantansi two parts of the Spanish edition of the Arba' Ṭurim: the Oraḥ Ḥayyim in 1485, and the Yoreh De'ah in 1487, possibly in continuation of the Guadalajara Eben ha-'Ezer. Besides these, Alantansi printed a Pentateuch with Megillot. In the same year there appeared a Pentateuch with the Targum, issued by Solomon Salmati, possibly in rivalry with Alantansi. Alantansi used as a printer's mark a lion on a black shield in his first publication, a lion on a red shield in his second, and a lion fighting with a unicorn in his Pentateuch.

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