JACOB BEN MOSES BEN ABUN (called ha-Nabi = "the prophet"):

Head of the yeshibah of Narbonne, France. As Abraham b. David in his "Sefer ha-Ḳabbalah" (MS. quoted by Abraham Zacuto in his "Yuḥasin," ed. London, p. 84) mentions that Moses ha-Darshan was the son of Jacob b. Moses, it may be concluded that Jacob lived in the eleventh century. He is mentioned by Abraham b. Isaac or Abraham, ab bet din of Narbonne ("HaEshkol," ed. Auerbach, iii. 152), as the author of a responsum. The title "ha-Nabi" is honorific, and was applied to other persons besides Jacob.

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S. S. M. Sel.
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