JOSE B. ḲAẒRATA (Ḳuẓira; Ḳaẓra):

Palestinian amora of the first amoraic generation; son-in-law of R. Jose. Kohut is of the opinion that the surname is derived from "Ḳaẓẓara" (washer); but in Tan., Wayeḥi, the name "Ḳaẓra" is found. Two other amoraim with this patronymic are mentioned in the Talmud—R. Johanan b. Ḳaẓrata and R. Isaac b. Ḳaẓrata; but as both of them cite R. Jona, an amora of the third generation, they can not have been Jose's brothers. Jose b. Ḳaẓrata taught that the Creator chose the finest earth with which to make the first man (Gen. R. xiv.). In Yer. B. B. x. 17 Jose discusses a halakah concerning marriage in which he maintains the interests of woman.

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