Palestinian amora of the first generation; halakot are transmitted in his name by Johanan (Rashi, B. M. 41a). Of his haggadic explanations the following may be cited: With reference to Eccl. iii. 15 he explains the word to mean "the persecuted," "the hunted," and gives the passage the meaning that God will always assist the persecuted, and that even when a righteous man persecutes a wicked man God will assist the latter. Jose gives various Scriptural instances in support of this view (Lev. R. xxvii. 5). As to the religious rites which children are required to perform R. Jose thought that they have an educational purpose, but are not obligatory (Yer. Ber. iii. 6b). He taught also that, except in the case of taxes for maintaining schools, the tax-collectors must not be harsh in their dealings (Lev. R. xxx. 1).

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