JOSEPH (High Priest):

1. Son of Ellem () of Sepphoris; installed by Herod for one day (Yom Kippur) as a substitute for the high priest, who had become unclean (Tosef., Yoma i. 4; Yer. Yoma i. 1; Yer. Hor. iii. 3; Hor. 12b; et al.). Josephus, who tells the same story ("Ant." xvii. 6, § 4), says that "Mattathias, son of Theophilus" (4 B.C.) was the name of the priest for whom he substituted. The Rabbis forbade him afterward to officiate, even as a common priest (Yoma 12b; Hor. 12b). 2. Son of Ḳimḥit (Ḳamḥit); he became a substitute for his brother Ishmael, or Simeon, when the latter had become unclean (Yoma 47a). Josephus ("Ant." xx. 5, § 2), calling him "Joseph, son of Kamythus" (Kάμĩθος), speaks of him as having been removed from the high-priesthood by Herod II. 3. Son of Simeon Kabi (61-62 C.E.; Josephus, "Ant." xx. 8, § 11); installed in the high-priesthood by Agrippa II. Grätz ("Gesch." 4th ed., iii. 739) concludes that this Joseph was the son of Simeon Kamithus. See Ishmael ben Ḳimḥit.

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