French Talmudist and cabalist of the sixteenth century. A letter signed "Joseph " (= "of Arles") is found among the halakic decisions of Menahem Carmi, written in 1584 (Almanzi collection). Joseph is identical with Joseph , who, in a letter addressed about 1560 to Immanuel di Cropulo, complains of the publication of the Zohar, on the ground that those who are hardly able to explain a Biblical verse allow themselves to draw conclusions which are harmful to religion. According to him the Zohar made its appearance in the eleventh century. Joseph's letter was included by Judah Modena in his "Ari Nohem" (ch. xxx.). Joseph was the author of a work on gemaṭriot, fragments of which are found in the Almanzi collection (No. 140, 4).

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