Rabbinical author; lived in the eighteenth century; died at Jerusalem; a contemporary of Elijah Wilna. Hewrote "Maẓmiaḥ Yeshu'ah" (Nowydwor, 1782), in two parts: the first consists of a commentary on the "Mordekai" of R. Mordecai b. Hillel; and the second, entitled "Yeshu'ot Ya'aḳob," comprises objections to the critical notes written on the "Bet Ya'aḳob," besides novellæ on Baba Ḳamma. Joshua was also the author of "Yeshua' be-Rosh" (Shklov, 1788), a commentary on Rosh to Baba Ḳamma, Baba Meẓi'a, and Baba Batra.

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