Rabbi at Venice and Amsterdam in the first half of the eighteenth century. He wrote: "Seder Ḳeri'e Mo'ed," cabalistic readings for the holy days (Venice, 1706); "Peraḥ Lebanon," sermons on the Pentateuch, to which he added "Naḥal Etan," sermons and autobiography of his relative and predecessor Isaac Cavallero (Berlin, 1712); "Sha'are Raḥamim," mystical and cabalistic prayers, readings from the Zohar, etc. (Venice, 1716); "Fundamento Solido," compendium of Jewish theology in Spanish (Amsterdam, 1729); "Aseret ha-Debarim," ch. xix.-xx. of Exodus with poetical paraphrases in Aramaic and Arabic, and hymns in praise of Simeon ben Yoḥai (ib. 1737). He also edited "Dibre Yosef," responsa of Joseph ben Mordecai ha-Kohen of Jerusalem (Venice, 1715).

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D. S. Man.
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