Karaite scholar; lived at Constantinople; died before 1501; nephew of Elijah Bashyazi. According to Steinschneider, the surname "Poki" is a variation of "Bagi," which is derived from the Turkish "bak" (pronounced "bag"). Judah traveled through Palestine, Egypt, Babylonia, and Persia to acquaint himself with the Karaite writings found in those countries. In 1571 he is met with in Cairo in the house of the Karaite Nasi. Judah wrote "Sha'ar Yehudah," a discussion of the laws concerning incestuous marriages (published by his son Isaac at Constantinople in 1581). The author quotes in this work another work of his: "Zot li-Yehudah," on the determination of the new moon. Jedidiah Solomon ben Aaron of Trok cites in his "Appiryon" a prayer-book composed by Judah, and other works dealing with Hebrew grammar and poetry.

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