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1. Son of Eliphaz, and grandson of Esau; one of the dukes of Edom (Gen. xxxvi. 11, 16, 42). His clan, called "the Kenizzite" (), is mentioned once only, after the Kenites (Gen. xv. 19). 2. A descendant of Judah, and father of Othniel (I Chron. iv. 13). "Father" here certainly means "ancestor"; for Othniel's elder brother, Caleb (Judges i. 13), is several times called "the Kenizzite" (A. V. "Kenezite," Num. xxxii. 12; Josh. xiv. 6, 14), that is, "descendant of Kenaz." 3. A grandson of Caleb (I Chron. iv. 15).

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