Hungarian writer; born at Szegedin July 21, 1853; educated at the University of Budapest. He was for several years editor of the "Ungarische Lloyd," and later dramatic and art critic of the "Neue Pester Journal." In 1883 he removed to Vienna, where he became connected with the leading journals, and is at present (1904) editor of the "Schöne Blaue Donau."

Klein is the author of: "Das Rendezvous in Monaco" and "Der Blaustrumpf," operettas, 1883; "Im Puszta Lande," 1884; "Blinde Liebe" and "Zauberkünste," 1890; "Die Hexenpfeifer," 1900. He has written also the librettos to "Der Liebe Augustin" (music by Brandl) and "König und Spielmann" (music by Kerner), which latter has been translated into Hungarian. He embraced Christianity.

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