Polish-Russian banker; brother of Stanislaw Kronenberg; born in Warsaw 1849. After graduating from the gymnasium he studied in the law department of the high school, and then took upthe study of agriculture at Bonn and Popelsdorf. While his father was still active Kronenberg managed the St. Petersburg branch of the Warsaw Commercial Bank; but he was obliged to resign in 1887, on account of his brother's illness, in order to look after the management of the railway lines in which the latter was interested and of the Commercial Bank of Warsaw.

Notwithstanding his many business obligations, Kronenberg has taken an active interest in various useful public institutions. He has been president of the Society for the Mutual Help of Musical Artists, a working member of the Polytechnical Committee in Warsaw, etc. In recognition of his distinguished services in connection with great commercial undertakings, he was made a hereditary baron of the Russian empire in 1893.

Valuable musical compositions by Kronenberg have been published under the pseudonym "Wiejesky."

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