Austrian play-wright; born at Prague Aug. 28, 1808; died at Dresden July 31, 1876. Lederer received only a meager education under a private tutor. He began the study of medicine, but after a year's experience discarded it for law, and received his degree of D.C.L. He found, however, that, being a Jew, there was no prospect for him as a professor in any of the universities, and, the practise of law offering no attractions to him, he devoted himself to dramatic authorship. He developed great skill in reproducing, with keen humor and a touch of satire that won for him an assured place on the Austrian stage, the peculiar characteristics of his countrymen. Among his most successful comedies are: "Häusliche Wirren," "Geistige Liebe," "Die Weiblichen Studenten," "Eine Rettende That," "Die Zwei Kranken," and "Die Kranken Doctoren," in writing the last of which W. M. Gerle was collaborator.

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