Italian authoress; born Nov. 21, 1861, at Padua; educated in that city, and in Florence and Hanover. In 1885 she was appointed professor at the Royal High School for Young Ladies at Florence.

She has written many essays and studies for the Italian journals and has published the following works: "Ricorditi," anthology of Italian prosaists and poets from Dante Alighieri to Giosuè Carducci (Florence, 1888; 5th ed. 1899); "Dai Nostri Poeti Viventi" (Florence, 1891; 2d ed. 1896); "Dai Giornale di Lia" (Rome, 1892); "Rammentiamocci" (Florence, 1893); "Dante . . . di Giorno in Giorno" (ib. 1894; 3d ed. 1898), a collection of quotations from Dante; "Pensieri d'Amore" (ib. 1894; 3d ed. 1900); "Fiorita di Canti Tradizionali del Popolo Italiano" (ib. 1895); "Deutsch," a translation of standard German works (ib. 1899).

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