Palestinian haggadist of the third century. He seems to have been a pupil of Simeon ben Laḳish, whose haggadot he transmitted (Ber. 5a); but he transmitted some haggadot of Ḥama b. Ḥanina also (R. H. 29b; Zeb. 53b). Ta'an. 16a records three haggadic controversies between Levi b. Ḥama and Ḥanina, the former being supposed by Heilprin ("Seder ha-Dorot," ii.) and Bacher ("Ag. Pal. Amor." i. 354, passim) to be identical with Levi b. Laḥma. One of Levi's own haggadot asserts that Job was a contemporary of Moses, inferring this from a comparison of Ex. xxxiii. 16 with Job xix. 23 (B. B. 15a).

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