American Orientalist; born in Szagarren Feb. 13, 1860; received his elementary education in Russia and his collegiate training at Columbia College, New York (A. M.), and Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore; he was fellow in Oriental languages at the former (1893-94) and fellow in Semitic languages at the latter university (1894-95). Since 1895 Levias has been instructor at the Hebrew Union College, Cincinnati, Ohio. His published works are as follows: "A Grammar of the Aramaic Idiom Contained in the Babylonian Talmud," Cincinnati, 1900; "The Justification of Zionism," 1899. Besides these, Levias has published a large number of essays, chiefly on philological subjects, in "The American Journal of Semitic Languages" (in which his Talmudic grammar first appeared) and in the "Hebrew Union College Journal."

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