French painter; born at Marmoutier, Alsace, in 1843; educated at the Strasburg lyceum. At the age of seventeen he went to Paris, where he studied under Gérôme. As an illustrator, Lévy has drawn for all the great Parisian journals, devoting himself almost exclusively to scenes of Jewish life. Among his illustrations the most important are those for the Jewish stories of Sacher Masoch, his "Jewish Life," and especially his latest collection of thirty drawings lithographed by himself. He is now (1904) engaged on a series of sketches of Jewish life in Algiers to parallel his drawings of the Ashkenazic Jews. In the Salon of the Société Nationale des Beaux-Arts and at the International Exposition of 1900 Lévy won prizes, and the committee, Gérôme, Dagnan, Bouveret, Henri Bouchot, and Gustave Geffroy, recommended him for the cross of the Legion of Honor. He has been made also an officer of the Academy.

S. J. Ka.
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