French engraver; born at Toul June 21, 1819; died at Paris in 1894; a pupil of Geille. He exhibited first at the Salon of 1844, and engraved the portraits of Madrazzo, Rigaud, and a number of others. Special mention may be made of the following engravings by him: "The Family of Concina" (from the Veronese in theDresden gallery); Raphael's "Sistine Madonna" and "Diademed Virgin"; Caracci's "Madonna of Silence"; Couture's "Damocles"; and Rembrandt's "Good Shepherd." Still more popular are his engravings of the King of the Belgians (from Winterhalter's portrait), Béranger, the poet Ventura de la Vega, and the engraver Wille. The plate of Lévy's last engraving, "The Fair Gardener," was framed on his tombstone in the cemetery of Montmartre.

S. J. Ka.
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