Russian rabbi and author; born at Lublin, Russian Poland, 1840. He is a member of a family of rabbis and Talmudists which includes the author of the "Lebushim" and of "Pene Yehoshua'." At the age of twenty he became rabbi of Karol, in the government of Plotzk; in 1868, rabbi of Zaklikov, in the government of Lublin; since 1875 he has been rabbi of Serotzk, government of Lomza.

Lewinstein has written "Birkat Abraham," on Pesaḥim, Beẓah, and Ḥagigah; "Pene Abraham," commentary on Genesis; a commentary on the Haggadah of Passover; "Dor Dor we-Dorshaw," a collection of 6,600 names of the great of Israel of all generations, with the dates of their deaths. He has contributed biographical articles, which are of special genealogical value and which have won him recognition as an authority in this field, to "Ha-Goren" (ed. Horodetzky), to "Ha-Eshkol," and to other periodicals. He has written also appendixes to "'Ir Gibborim" and "'Ir Tehillah."

  • B. Z. Eisenstadt, Dor Rabbanaw we-Soferaw, i. 36, Warsaw, 1895.
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