German philologist; nephew of Ferdinand Hiller; born at Frankfort-on-the-Main April 14, 1844; died at Halle March 7, 1891. Educated at the universities of Bonn and Göttingen (Ph.D. 1865), he became a teacher at the Kortegarn institute at Bonn, which position he occupied until 1868. In 1869 he became privatdocent at Bonn; in 1874, professor of classic philology at Greifswald; two years later he removed to Halle. His most important works are: "Quæstiones Herodianæ," Bonn, 1866; "Eratosthenis Carminum Reliquiæ," Leipsic, 1872; "Theonis Smyrnæi Expositio Rerum Mathematicarum ad Legendum Platonem Utilium," ib. 1878; "Albii Tibulli Elegiæ," ib. 1885; "Beiträge zur Textgesch. der Griechischen Bukoliker," ib. 1888. He also edited Fritzsche's "Theocritus" (3d ed.), Bergk's "Poetæ Lyrici Græci," vols. ii. and iii. (4th ed.), and the "Anthologia Lyrica" (4th ed.) of the latter author.

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