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A prominent Spanish-Jewish family, members of which are known from the thirteenth to the fifteenth century. In Spanish documents the name is always written Adret, and in a Hebrew manuscript in the Bodleian Library (No. 2218 = Pococke, p. 280b) we have the punctuation V01p212006.jpg V01p212007.jpg. In a poem of the sixteenth century in favor of the study of philosophy, the name is punctuated V01p212008.jpg (H. Hirschfeld, "Jew. Quart. Rev." xii. 141). The form "Adereth," given by some writers, is therefore wrong. The family very probably obtained its name from a place—either the village of Les Adrets, department of Var, France (compare François de Beaumont, Baron des Adrets), or from some town in Spain ("Rev. Ét. Juives," xxi. 148; compare below Abraham de Adreto, and Solomon de Adret).

Following are the known members of the family:

Abraham Adret, who, after his conversion at Barcelona in 1391, took the name Bernardo Lunez ("Rev. Ét. Juives," iv. 61, No. 123).

Abraham de Adreto, mentioned in the archives of Aragon as having received a pardon after he had been condemned for consorting with a Christian woman, May, 1272 (Jacobs, "Sources," p. 38, No. 632).

Abraham ben Solomon Adret. Uncertain ("Cat. Bodl." col. 2269).

Galvandarez Adret, who was a victim of the Inquisition in Valencia in 1487 (Jacobs, "Sources," p. 7, No. 94).

Nathan Adret, who, after his conversion at Barcelona in 1391, took the name Francisco Bertram ("Rev. Ét. Juives," iv. 60, No. 108).

Solomon Adret, who is mentioned in a Barcelona document of the year 1262 (Jacobs, "Sources," p. 16, No. 215; compare p. 130); supposed to be the grandfather of Solomon Adret (Ludovicus Guixar; see Kayserling, in "Jew. Quart. Rev." viii. 496). He is also mentioned as Solomon de Adret (Jacobs, "Sources," p. 42, No. 713). See Solomon Adret, below.

Solomon Adret, who, after his conversion at Barcelona in 1391, took the name Ludovicus Guixar ("Rev. Ét. Juives," iv. 60, No. 71).

Solomon Adret, of Tortosa, who was punished by the Valencia Inquisition, October, 1490, together with Isabel, his wife—"por la ley de Mozen" (Kayserling, "Christopher Columbus," p. 90).

Solomon ben Abraham Adret, of Genoa, lived toward the end of the thirteenth century.

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