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Son of Chelcias ("Ant." xix. 9, § 1; xx. 7, § 1 [without "Julius"]), and, to judge from his name, a Hellenized Jew, probably of a rich and noble family. He was chosen by King Agrippa I. as husband for his first daughter, Mariamne (Josephus, "Ant." xix. 9, § 1). Mariamne was only ten years old at her father's death (44); and the marriage took place under her brother Agrippa II. (ib. xx. 7, § 1), a daughter, Berenice, being the result of the union. Mariamne subsequently left Archelaus and married the alabarch Demetrius (ib. §, 3). Josephus refers, for the veracity of his history of the Jewish war, among others to Julius Archelaus, who was familiar with Hellenistic culture ("Contra Ap." i., § 9).

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