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Enno Littmann, Ph.D.

Librarian of the Oriental Department and Lecturer in Semitic Philology, Princeton University, Princeton, N. J.

ENOCH, BOOKS OF (Ethiopic and Slavonic) – Apocryphal works attributed to Enoch. From Gen. v. 24 ("Enoch walked with God" and "God took him") a cycle of Jewish legends about Enoch was derived, which, together with apocalyptic speculations naturally ascribed to such a...
ESDRAS, BOOKS OF – Apocryphal writings ascribed to Ezra.I Esdras: Name and Versions. Plain of Esdraelon, with Mount Tabor in the Distance.(From a photograph by Bonfils.)The apocryphal Book of Ezra, or, better, the "Greek Ezra" (Esdræ Græcus), is...
ISAIAH, ASCENSION OF – Name. Apocryphal book, consisting of three different parts, which seem originally to have existed separately; one is of Jewish, two are of Christian, origin. The common name of the book, "Ascension of Isaiah," properly covers...